Having a bad breath can be quite embarrassing, especially if you’re going on a blind date or a job interview. Most people wouldn’t remind you that you have bad breath unless you have a very straight-forward friend who will tell you or even make fun of your bad breath. But worry not, here we have listed several tips on having fresh breath, it is simple and doesn’t take you much to get started.

sundaeWatch what you eat and drink

It is no big secret that specific food and drinks are the cause of your bad breath, the residue or the leftover food or drinks that remains in your mouth is the cause of your horrendous breath. Foods, usually onions and garlic are the main culprit of your breath smelling like it too. Coffees and alcohols are also something you want to watch out, as they have potent residue that could stick to your tooth, causing you to have a foul breath.

Tip: after eating, it’s always a good idea to take some gums for a more pleasant smell, if possible try to get xylitol as it is much better for your dental health.

Brush and floss your teeth regularlydental care

Bad breaths are often time caused by inadequate dental care, so start on brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Two times a day for cleaning your teeth and once a day for flossing, and for a change there’s a lot of flavored toothpaste, like strawberry, apple, etc, try to get the toothpaste to your liking.

Tip: replace your toothbrush from time to time, the ideal time is around three to four months, just to keep your oral care routine in check.

doctorVisit the dentist

Another tip on having a fresh breath is visiting the dentist twice a year. You can get a checkup and full-scale cleaning on your teeth, which eliminates the remaining leftover food in your mouth, which is the primary cause of foul breath. If you live in Los Angeles and need a professional help consider checking Pediatric dentist Baton Rouge out for consultation.

Tip: if you have insurances, try to find out if your insurance covers the medical costs when you go to the dentist.

Mouthwash to the rescue

Let’s say you’re a busy businessman and you don’t have the time to brush your teeth, wash your lousy breath with mouthwash instead. This tip is perfect for you who are traveling and are always on the go, as a mouthwash will only take around a minute or two to take.