People who live in cities like Perth, cannot afford large properties with extra garden space. In fact, most people live in apartments and smaller units, but that does not stop them from accumulating stuff. But the problem is when you have so much stuff but not enough space to store them. When you find your rooms and garage overflowing with things that you rarely use getting a storage unit can be your best option.

What is this service?

storage units1

A company that offers spaces for you to store your belongings are called storage facilities. These are firms that own large properties where they have built various-sized storage units that people can rent out to store their stuff. You can rent a unit that is enough for your things and for a duration that you require.

Types of services

When you visit a storage provider, you will see that there are multiple options available. For example, if you check out  you will notice that they provide self-storage with easy access, managed access units and also outdoor facilities. Let us look at what these services are one by one.

Self-storage with easy access

This facility would be ideal for those who wish to keep their stuff in a safe place but also have the freedom to go in and out as they wish. The renter will be given an access code to the premises and can freely come an go when they want during operational hours.

Managed access

These are mostly for those who want a secure place to store their belongings for lengthy periods. You will have to set up an appointment before you go to retrieve your things which means making a call in advance to arrange a suitable time. It is ideal f you are moving to another city or country for some work and will not be in for around a year. It can also suit those who will store things that they do not have a regular use for and will only need them once or twice a year.

Outdoor storage

rv's and boats in storageSometimes, people own a boat or caravan which they use once or twice a year, but will not have any space to park them at home. In such cases, an outdoor storage space in one of these facilities will be ideal. You will not have to worry about safety because they will have twenty-four-hour security on the premises.